15 Aprile 2024
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The restaurant, famous for its imaginative and creative cuisine, has represented the link between Ligurian tradition and a newer system of preparing recipes.
The entry of new forces has given even more momentum to the desire to do new things, to renew itself.
The colors of the rooms now take inspiration from the famous reds of the old Ligurian houses, the tables are filled with color and flowers.

Friendliness and availability blend with genuineness and freshness, the attention for the customer is maximum as well as for the foods that are cooked.
One feels at home when sitting at the tables of the Red Prawn and ordering food.

The anchovies from the local fishing and the mussels grown in the breeding farms of the Gulf of Spezia, are the mainstays of the appetizers.
The cod imported from the cold seas of the north serves to make a very classic mousse with potatoes or the delicious fritters with batter.

The first courses are mostly cooked with fresh handmade pasta. Fragrant with parsley and sea, the spaghetti with seafood is a timeless classic.
In the second courses the source of the sea comes back again with all the classic fish: sea bass, gilthead, red mullet and so on.
The cooking methods are varied: from the never forgotten fish to "isolana" style, to the most classic of grills.
Shrimps and fileted fish make a good appearance in the raw as well as the rock fish soups, with the local tomatoes.

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